Our Policy
Our policy isnt so simple that you can understand it easily.But when you get it...You get it ^^

1.First of all if you are in a match which you are about to lose dont be the second person of the team.Second means the first person to lose after the best of the team.So when you are failing try to go deeper into the team.

2.We are the S.Q.U.A.D you all know that.S.Q.U.A.D means Special Quailifed and Utilized Armed Division.We must all be experienced in both air and ground also be utilized with our communications and tactics.

3.Support.Support doesnt mean only to backup a person.Its mentaly supporting too.You must congratulate your friends when they have achieved something and try to keep their mood up when you have failed.

4.And do you know what brotherhood means for us?If its the end of the road come back brother!First step must be mine!If you are out of soul then here take mine,its yours.Keep these statements in you mind to keep the bond between each other... bY ExEcUtİonER
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