Rules are Rules....
Hello people.
We are here to talk about to rules of our servers.

First of all,no exceptions to cheaters.If you have been reported of a cheater.You must investigate it.Even if you have to go to Spectators.

Second...Show no mercy to campers.We love campers.Just bring marshemellows and we will set up the campfire and we are all good!But seriously if they repeat it for 3 times kick them.

Third..The Insults.If they are insulting you and your server try to tell them If you dont like the rules then leave the server.If they havent try warning them.Hard.Then if it dont work kick them.Simple.

Fourth and the last one.The noobs.There are many kinds of noobs.Here is what you are going to do about them:

1st Degree Noobs:They kill people with rocket launchers or just spawn kill them.Warn them and try to kick them if they go further.

2nd Degree Noobs:They try to accusate the admin of cheating.And calling the server noob.Tell them that they are the noob and kick them.

3rd Degree Noobs:Well they are the noobs them selves.They dont speak but they act noob.They crash cars.Smash the cars on you.Try to do unrelated things on map.And most important be noobs.Kick them without warning them

And the badest Noobs:Cheaters,Accusaters,Morons,Jerkweeds,Insulters, and most important noobs...All admins have the authorization to kick or ban them.Or just have fun with them.But no mercy to cheaters.Remember that...

Good Luck People...By Executioner...
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